November 2019

Is Bitcoin Common in Australia?

Cryptocurrencies have seen remarkable surge in popularity in the past decade, with Bitcoin at the lead. Since bitcoin is technically a digital currency, and since the only legal tender allowed in Australia is the Australian currency, is bitcoin common in Australia? Is it tradable? Where can you get best places to buy btc Australia and how can you store it?


Is Bitcoin Tradable in Australia?


Very. A lot of people may be put off by the high price of one bitcoin, which is in 10s of thousands of dollars. However, you can buy a fraction of bitcoin instead of a whole one. You have many trading options, you can buy it from a bitcoin exchange like Bitcoin Australia, CoinTree, CoinJar, BitTrade and the likes. You can also opt to be paid in bitcoin instead of hard currency, but you’ll need to have a suitable wallet to store it. …

How to find best private restaurants in Melbourne?

Eating out at restaurants is both necessary and enjoyable. Cooking food at home is a regular job. It is important that we take periodical leaves from our kitchen and visit a restaurant to enjoy some scrumptious food. It is totally enjoyable to satiate your hunger without making efforts to cook food. If you are living in Melbourne, you would find best private restaurants in Melbourne. It is important that you make some efforts to find them.


Private room restaurants are the best place to eat out as it allows you to spend some quality time with your loved ones. When you are considering finding some best private restaurants in Melbourne, it is important that you make a prudent decision. The most important factor that you must consider is to look for quality and tasty foods. There are other factors too that you must keep on mind which are discussed …