Best Places to Stay While Visiting Sydney

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Are you and a group of friends or family planning on visiting Sydney, Australia? If so, you’re going to have to have your whole trip planned out; especially where you will be staying. There are a range of locations to pick from which include motels, hotels, resorts, and even Airbnbs. I mainly recommend staying in a serviced apartment in Sydney since most are located in well known areas of Sydney such as the CBD (Central Business District), Darling Harbour, Manly, and Newtown.

Starting with the CBD, many hotels tend to be a bit pricy, but the cheapest hotel around is probably the Mercantile Hotel which starts at $70 a night. It’s located right in the heart of Sydney CBD and gives off a heritage vibe to its rooms which also include WiFi and A/C. It has mainly gotten good reviews and has received 7 out of 10 stars according to

Next on the list is Darling Harbour which although includes luxury suites and resorts, does have a cheap yet good serviced hotel called the Sydney Darling Harbour Hotel. This location prices from $30 a night or possibly a little higher. It’s located right near the Harbourside Shopping Centre and Australian National Maritime Museum.

Manly didn’t really have many hotels on show and when they did, they were very pricy, However, there was a beachside studio Airbnb located right in the center of Manly that costed around $82 a night and included free WiFi and cable Television. It is approximately 5 miles away from the Taronga Zoo and Luna Park.

Just like Manly, Newtown didn’t have many hotels in sight either and were pricy, but the Urban Newtown hotel gave a price range between $62 and $73 a night and received 8 out of 10 stars according to The downside is that it isn’t really located near anything special but is very cheap to fit your budget.