How to Become a Glazier

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When looking at the requirements to become a glazier, a few things may come to mind. Glaziers are individuals that work to install glass in windows, skylights and other home or commercial fixtures. Glaziers typically only require an initial high school diploma to get started. Once they enter the field, they are further trained on the specialty. Glaziers are able to closely follow blueprints in order to complete building plans. Some of the main skills needed in order to become a glazier include removal of old and broken glass, trimming of new glass, securing the glass to the frame for safety and more. Glaziers are needed in order to safely remove and install brand new glass in opening such as windows, skylights and more. Glaziers are also responsible for installing weather seal around the glass for year-round stability. Many individuals interested in the profession wonder exactly how to become a glazier.


The first step when looking to become a glazier is to obtain a high school diploma or equivalent. Once the applicant has this certification, they can apply for a 4-year apprenticeship. During the apprenticeship, each participant is required to have 144 of relevant technical training. This is followed by 2,000 hours of on-the-job training which is paid. As the glazier is working, they learn to utilize certain tools and equipment to complete their jobs successfully.


Most of the training is learned while preforming the task. For this reason finding a mentor like glass and glazing at Willoughby Glass in the industry is often very helpful as it allows the new glazier to advance quickly. In order to become a glazier, applicants should be well equipped to complete physical labor. This is very important as the job requires a level of physical strength in order to successfully complete. Glaziers are similar to any other type of construction position, where blueprints are closely followed in order to complete the job.