How to Pick a Casual Dress

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Dressing casual usually means dressing for comfort, without causing too much of a stir in the crowd. That doesn’t mean you should look like you just rolled out of bed though. Here are some tips on how to pick a casual dress that looks laid-back, but not homeless.


#1. Choose pieces from different seasons. If you’ll be layering, don’t pick pieces from only one season. Just because its winter, doesn’t mean you should wear all dark colors. Switch things up a bit, in terms of patterns and colors. For casual dresses, you might want to go with neutral colors.


#2. Buy simple looking, but high quality clothes. You know those staple grey t-shirts Mark Zuckerberg wears to work, yeah they don’t come cheap. But they look incredibly casual right? That the point. Well made dresses, that fit right make you look both simple but elegant.


#3. Choose timeless pieces. Dresses that expose the shoulders and neck are currently in vogue. They might not be next season. Try including a lot of basics in your wardrobe as they never go out of style.


#4. If you’re going for a conservative, yet casual look, throw on a layer of cardigan. It’s practically impossible not to look cozy when wearing a long cardigan.


#5. Pairing a flannel shirt with a headwarmer will give you the ultimate grungy vibe. What’s kickass about this outfit is that it doesn’t have one specific season.


#6. Bright colored summer dresses are the ultimate casual looks. Especially those with thin straps. Just pair them with big ol’ sun glasses, open toe sandals and you’re good to go.


#7. Don’t wear tight clothes. Extremely tight clothes cause too much stir in the crowd – the opposite of what casual is. Tight clothes also aren’t comfortable. So try going a little lose.


The rule of thumb to remember when dressing casual is that you want to look highly functional, yet stylish. Find out here the best Australian clothing stores online.