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Traveling back hundreds of years, there was a period of time when the only opportunity of entertainment for mankind was theatre, role pays & stage performances. And standing today in 2019, people do live premiers on their smartphones, tabs & other devices.

There is no doubt we agree without a single argument that mankind has advanced in all the spheres of life and the entertainment industry have not lagged behind in any sense. Rather analyse deep on it has advanced & accelerated at a pace far superior & greater in comparison to other sectors. The main reason behind this the perfect synchronization between the development of the skill at the human level & on par development of the filming technology on the industrial parameters.

History of the film industry

Before the 19th century was not even in the reach of dreams but in the 19th century with the development of a few movement recording instruments all these ideas came into the picture.

Though the actual starting not at all marked there have been reporting from unconfirmed sources that back in the middle of 1600’s scientific pictures have been filmed with the help of simple light source.

The years were between 1824 to 1879 where the mankind was enlightened with the discovery of a number of recording & movement photography science that bear the fruit when on the 12th of December in 1895, Lumiere Bothers made its public screening for the 1st time.

Their growth of the industry was sluggish after that till the breakout of the 1st world war there was a change to the type of film production. Instead of one-real shows, feature films start to gain importance and it was from that time it gained its popularity

How did it transform into actual movies?

With the advent of the war, the documentaries focusing on war propaganda were spread all over the globe. The craze for this continued till the end of the battle & after the battle post-battle, peace & harmony motion pictures were produced. In these periods of silent movies, many prominent artists have developed a lot of beautiful pictures, one of them was Charlie Chaplin whose remarkable world in the segment of comedy has made him immortal

The break to this occurred with the advent of the sound to the movies that marked the end of the era of silent movies. The introduction of music to the movies waited till 1923 & it was by this time all technological excellencies have been achieved to produce movies with both audio & video.

In the contemporary movie, another notable advancement occurred to the film industry and it was the introduction of color movies that bring actual life to the films produced. And this really made people go crazy.

Modern Day Film Industry

But in the last 50 years, the industry of entertainment has taken several turns and have developed in the J curve with leaps and gallops. In recent times, single plex has developed into multiplex whereas the reality to the movies had achieved a lot with virtual reality technology. An important example of this is the 3-d movies with AI virtual reality sensations that would allow the viewer to receive a real-life experience.

In the last few years, there is a shift in the trend where people have shifted from movies to web-based series – and that is what is the future to this industry.