Osteopathy: Is it Effective?

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What is Osteopathy?

Simply put, Osteopathy is a medical branch that is focused upon the treatment of medical problems and disorders through manipulating and massaging a person’s joints, bones, and their muscles. Please note that Osteopathy is NOT to be confused with Chiropractics. That field has little basis in actual medical science and its practitioners are rarely accredited doctors whereas Osteopathy is made-up of MDs and DOs who are trained in both Primary Medicine as well as their specialty of Osteopathy–they are known as Osteopaths.

Is Osteopathy Effective?

As with any medical service the results can vary for individuals, but overall Osteopathy has been shown in numerous studies to be effective at treating complications arising from arthritis, assisting with headache prevention, reducing back-pain, and correcting posture. As a result of treatment for these concerns patients will often describe dramatically reduced pain and improvement in their sleep as well as reduced illness. Also, unlike the Chiropractic field Osteopathy does not make blanket statements about, “Curing,” problems that are in no way related to the body-parts it handles. Whereas Chiropractics will claim through its efforts it will attend to a myriad of random health ailments, Osteopathy is straight-forward about what it can and cannot treat. Plus, Osteopathy has actual peer-reviewed medical data to back-up its effectiveness.

How Can I Find an Osteopath?

Generally as with any specialist physician you may want to speak with your usual primary care doctor first and inquire if they would recommend for you to see an Osteopath, and if they would you should then inquire if there is a particular person they would recommend you see. Should your primary care physician refer you to an Osteopath you will then be well on your way to getting assistance for your health concerns–and hopefully soon will be feeling much better!  We recommend Body Tech Osteo in Sandringham for reliable osteo services.