The Importance of Building Inspections in Eastern Suburbs Adelaide

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If you are purchasing a property, then it is important that you start looking for building inspections in Eastern Suburbs Adelaide before you part with even a cent of your cash. There are several reasons for this.


To obtain a mortgage


In most cases, mortgage lenders will not lend you any money unless you have a building inspection carried out. This is to help protect them. After all, they need to know that the property is worth the amount of money that you are planning to borrow.


To obtain home insurance


In a few cases, an insurance company will not provide you with insurance if you have not had building inspections in Eastern Suburbs of Adelaide carried out. This is because they do not really want to provide coverage for pre-existing issues. It will also allow you to obtain extra insurance in the case of certain issues with the property.


To give you peace of mind


One of the main reasons why you should be obtaining a property inspection is so that you know exactly what you are getting into should you buy a particular property. The building inspection will highlight any minor or major issues with the property. It will tell you whether something is likely to pose a major problem in the future. It will also provide you with advice on how you may be able to deal with it. You can then weigh up whether it is still worth purchasing a particular property.


If there are some issues with a property, then you may be able to talk to the seller about them. In some cases, you may be able to negotiate a discount on the price of the property. The money that you have ‘saved’ can then be used to rectify any of the issues highlighted in the building report.