What is Good to Feed Horses

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Australia is home to many magnificent environment and habitats that makes local wildlife be very unique among other countries of the world with similar characteristics, and that’s why is not strange to see incredible wild animalslike the case of horses being in farms after being rescued from the wildlife. However, there is a single problem with horses that almost everyone should know, and is a fact that while they are incredibly wonderful animals to have as companions and for entertainment, while riding them, they are difficult to maintain and care, because most people don’t even know what should be feed to them, so that’s why in this article you will learn everything about what is good to feed horses, stay tuned to learn more.


What is Good to Feed Horses?

Horses are animals that require a very balanced and strong diet as their bodies require valuable doses of nutrients and vitamins to keep their bodies protected against all possible injures or issues with the pass of time. That’s why you shouldn’t think too much about what food is ideal about horses, because literally you just have to feed them 2 different products and everything will be ready to go. The first and most important food will be grass hay, and this is the most classical food that is known by basically anyone in the world, and since horses require a great amount of this per day, 7 to 9 kg will be more than enough on a daily basis, remember that this is to keep their stomachs as clean as ever without suffering from digestive issues.


It’s true that you can use grass hay as a unique food for your horse and nothing bad should happen, however, it’s recommended that you also give some small doses of alfalfa hay in a smaller quantity compared to the grass hay, because with this combination it will be possible to avoid stomach ulcers and colics which is something that tends to affects horses that don’t receive proper treatment when it comes to food. The reason why it’s just these two specific feed is because there are no better options when it comes to nutrients and vitamins, and since horses should be constantly running, it won’t be difficult to burn all of this food intake, so they will be able to be fit for all of their lives, just be careful, measures are important, so miscalculations are not allowed here, take your time.


Are These Food the Best Option for Horses?

In simple words, yes, this combination will be the best one available for a lot of people as this is also what race horses feed, however, is important that the owner takes special care and precaution with the measurements of the food, as it’s not difficult to end confused with he amount and give more food than the one that is required, and that is a big problem because giving less amount of food would end up in lack of nutrients and vitamins and a bigger amount of food would translate to the possible development of issues in the body, so be careful.